Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fresh New Start

hello, we meet again.

This blog was created circa 2009, back when I was in high school. This blog mostly filled by the cringe-worthy post that could possibly be a blackmail material for me in the future. I used to wrote daily, because this blog is the only media I have to pour down the emotion I had back then. Some of my blog post even becoming kinda popular. In 2012, I was contacted by an Australian-based network company to be one of their member and sponsorship program. But, being a high school student, all the activity and the mental capacity held me back for continuing post content regularly. So I stopped.

The blog is officially dead by 2015, as far as I remember. The reason why I stopped writing on this blog mainly because I am ashamed what I have been put far before 2014. To add the problem, I am a person who opposed deleting my steps on the internet, meaning I almost never delete any of my post in any social media. Because I think it is pretty useless, like the old saying; what you put on the internet, will never goes away. I do not want people find out my old post, I am kind of afraid that it will offend someone.

It is 2017 now. I have changed, a lot, since the last time I post anything on my blog. And life also changes drastically. I feel like, it would be pretty awkward to post a life update out of nowhere. I decided to re-launch this blog as a fresh new start. I move all of my old blog posts into a private blog and lock them up nice and safe.

So here it is, my name is Dhifa Irawan. I am an English major student in Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia. Another Girl Another Planet? Well, it is a song by blink-182. Why? Dunno, I like that song, and the title kinda speaks to me. I am 21 this May. I like food. And, I think that is good for a start.

I hope this is a good decision.

Love, Dhifa.